A recent announcement by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) confirmed that high school sports will be active across the state during the upcoming school year, but the order and calendar period in which they are to occur are virtually unrecognizable from years past.

For starters, because of COVID-19 concerns, football will actually be a spring sport. That’s right, better wear long johns to see your favorite high school football team play this season, which kicks off March 8 and concludes May 6.

All of the sports seasons will be utilizing abbreviated schedules, with contact sports such as wrestling and football occurring much later than usual.

The start and finish dates for most high school sports seasons, which are separated into four time frames designated as A, B, C and D, are as follows:

Season A – Cross Country, Aug. 15-Oct. 17; Boys Golf, Aug. 6-Oct. 6; Boys Tennis, Aug. 13-Sept. 26; Girls Softball, Aug. 13-Oct. 10; Basketball, Jan. 7-March 6; Ice Hockey, Jan. 4-TBD; and Skiing, Jan. 7-Feb. 26.

Season B – Girls Swimming, Jan. 7-TBD; Wrestling, Jan. 7-March 6; Football, March 4-May 8; and Gymnastics, March 4-TBD.

Season C – Boys Soccer, March 4-TBD; Girls Volleyball, March 4-May 1; Baseball, April 29-June 26; Girls Golf, April 29-TBD; and Boys/Girls LaCrosse, April 29-TBD.

Season D – Girls Soccer, April 29-TBD; Boys Swimming, April 29-TBD; Girls Tennis, April 29-June 12; and Track and Field, April 29-June 19.

The schedule above includes some but not all high school activities governed by CHSAA. A complete listing can be found at www.chsaanow.com.

Spring sports in Colorado were canceled during the 2019-20 school year due to COVID-19.

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