The Fitzsimmons Middle School cross country team competed at the Runners Roast  Sept. 22.

 For the girls, Whitney Amos was 20th with a time of 25:08. Miran Grover was 22nd with a time of 29:15. Emiley Blackburn was 23rd with a time of 29:37. Abby Tomasko was 28th with a time 30:35. Niah Heineman was 32nd with a time of 31:35. Claire Btrne was 43th with a time of 35:39.

For the boys, Ben Bezzant was 23rd with a time of 19:22. Bennett Poniatowski was 37th with a time of 21:01. Trent Smith was 40th with a time of 21:03. Dristen Herenadez was 41st with a time of 21:05. Right behind him was Jack Walsh in 42nd with a time of 21:15. Then it was Rowan Bailey in 43rd with a time of 21:16. Gavin Blackburn was 53rd with a time of 23:12. Isiah Saleny was 62nd with a time of 24:13. Right behind him was James Seaver was 63rd with a time of 24:14. Canyon Addison was 64th with a time of 24:39.

 “Although our season was a bit short this year, it was still truly an excellenent season for these talented student athletes,” Coach Kevin McNamee said.”While we are still dealing with all the worldly challenges being thrown our way, the group ran fast, progressed daily and always worked as a pack, just like Huskies are known to do.”

The teams will finish the season at the Frontier League meet on Friday, Oct. 2.

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