There are 28 wrestlers out for the team. A team may have two wrestlers in the same weight class, and there is a chance that they might face each other.

At the Feb. 7 meet, at 74-80 weight class, Parker Reisberg was third. Reisberg pinned Caden McKown of Clear Creek at 1:19.

At 80-85, Carter Hogsett pinned his teammate Damon Johnson and Jonny Porgugal of Kearney in 33 seconds to finished second.

At 87-90, Aiden Karshinski pinned Luke Dueto of Clear Creek in 15 seconds. He also pinned Bristol McIntyre of Byers in 16 seconds to finish second.

At 90-95 Tlaloc Maldonado finished fourth. Gabe Twaddell at 95-97 finished fourth in the 95-97 weight class.

Gage Carlson beat Miriam Grover of Fitzsimmons in a close match 3-2. Carlson was second in the 97-100 weight class.

In the 104-106 weight class, Keaton Brown pinned teammate Braden Risenhoover at 42 seconds.

Madilyn Conwell pinned Angel Ramos of Byers in 33 seconds and finished second in the 105-109 weight class.

Dalton Davidson pinned Caden Harper of Strasburg in 28 seconds and Lily Clark of Byers in 32 seconds to finish second in the 110-115 weight class.

Tade Reddin pinned Jose Lopez of Strasburg in 46 seconds and Monty Horta of Kearney 7-2 to finish second in the 110-113 weight class.

Dean McMahen beat Taren McKown of Clear Creek 4-2 and pinned Connor Holloway of Gilpin County at 2:59 in the 110-120 weight class and was second.

At 115-120, Fierce Clair pinned Miguel Lopez of Kearney in 23 seconds and was third.

At 125-129, Cameron Seidler pinned Garrett Crecelius of Byers in 1:44 and Wyatt Bloomquist of Strasburg at 2:31 and was second.

At 128-132, Tori Godby was fourth. Sam Patterson beat Alden Thompson of Strasburg 16-4 and Ahren Schubarth of Limon in 48 seconds and finished second in the 135-143 weight class.

The Mustangs will be at Clear Creek Feb. 19.

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