The fact that the Platte Canyon High School girl’s basketball team has already eclipsed their win total from last season makes for a good story.

The fact that they knocked off two opponents in three days from Dec. 19-21, thus doubling last year’s single victory in just 48 hours, adds to the intrigue.

Throw in the fact that the Lady Huskies won both games on the road, with a roster of six players against South Park and only five players against Twin Peaks, and the narrative grows even more compelling.

The real headliner, though, came against Twin Peaks Dec. 21, when one of the Lady Huskies fouled out midway through the fourth quarter. Despite those adverse circumstances, the four remaining players held on for dear life through the final five minutes of the contest to secure a memorable PCHS victory.

“When we lost a player, we transitioned pretty well from a two-three zone to a box defense,” said PCHS head coach Reesha Curtis.

As the fourth quarter wore on, the Lady Huskies saw their double-digit lead whittled down to about eight points. Then, as fate would have it, another Lady Husky picked up her fourth foul.

In the blink of an eye, the Lady Huskies had to prepare for the grim but very real possibility of competing with just three players.

Curtis and assistant coach Shawn Flores, in a bizarre situation that neither will likely forget any time soon, put their heads together to discuss the team’s unique predicament.

“At that point, Coach Flores and I contemplated the possibility of playing a triangle defense with only three girls, but quickly decided we didn’t want to try that.” Curtis said. So I called a timeout and reminded the remaining four players to play it safe. No more fouls.”

To their credit, the Lady Huskies managed to escape with no more notable fouls and miraculously secured a 33-26 victory.

“Offensively, we actually got into the paint and even had a couple of fast break opportunities with only four players,” Curtis said. “Shots were not falling, but the team was putting itself in position to produce points. It was actually a very good teaching moment, and I think the girls learned that games can be won almost entirely with defense. The team, as a whole, is beginning to play a much more fluid and effective style of defense, and those improvements were evident even with only four players on the floor.”

Curtis added that the victory over Twin Peaks, while obviously difficult at the time, should serve to make the team stronger when the season resumes Jan. 8 after Christmas break.

“It was a great way to kick off winter break, and the ladies are looking forward to getting back on the court in January,” Curtis said.

Top performers for the Lady Huskies, now 2-3 on the season, include Chyann Kelly (averaging 11.2 points per game), Aspen Riesberg (9.8 points per game) and Amy Bezzant (6.0 points per game).

Bezzant is also a force inside, hauling in 5.6 rebounds and contributing two blocked shots per contest. Teammate Lottie Borowski has been a defensive weapon as well, with 17 steals in five games. Riesberg also has 13 steals to her credit.

The Lady Huskies will be at home Jan. 8 against Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School, and then kick off conference play against The Pinnacle (Jan. 14), Sheridan (Jan. 16), Arupe Jesuit (Jan. 18) and Bruce Randolph (Jan. 22).

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