The Platte Canyon High School cross country team competed in the Buena Vista Invitational Saturday, Sept. 19. 

There were five teams at the meet: Alamosa, Buena Vista, Lake County, Manitou Springs and Platte Canyon. Saturday, Sept. 26, the teams were at the Snow Mountain Ranch Invitational. The host team was Middle Park.

The boys finished second, out of first by four seconds.The girls finished third.

Buena Vista Invitational

For the girls, Emma Dikken was 14th, with a time of 24:40.05. Hannah Grover was 15th with a time of 24:47.99. Ily Hardey was 16th with a time of 24:54.68. Amy Bezzant was 22nd with a time of 27:58.81. Sydney Wagner was 24th with a time of 29:07.93.

For the boys, Tucker Sussenbach was ninth with a time of 20:12.90. David Seaver was 15th, with a time of 21:26.55. Gavin Geiger was 25th with a time of 23:08.99. Joseph Melero was 27th with a time of 23:29.71. Dante Branigan wss 28th with a time of 25:36.84. Liam Bailey was 29th with a time of 26:04.27.

“This last week’s meet was the Buena Vista Invitational, Coach Mike Demko said. “It was a small meet, but the teams entered were all top teams in division 2A and 3. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were limited on how many boys we could take, so we decided to split the varisty with half running this week and the other half next week, Demko explained.

“On the girls side, I was very pleased with the performance of Ily Hardey and Amy Bezzant,” Coach Demko said. “Their improvemnent is quickly reducing our one through five spread which is necessary to compete at the state level. On the boys side, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of David Seaver, and Tucker Sussenbach continues ‘to bring’ it every week. The boys’ one-through-five spread is also coming down each week. We are looking forward to the Middle Park Invitational at Snow Mass this coming Saturday.”

Snow Mountain Ranch Invitational

The teams were at the Snow Mountain Ranch Invitational Friday, Sept. 26. The host school was Middle Park. Other schools at the meet included Clear Creek, DSST Mountain View, Green Mountain, Lake County, Pike Peak Christian, The Pinnacle and West Grand. The Huskies were first with 38 points. Middle Park was second with 40.

For the boys, Jace Valentine was second with a time of 20:11. Right behind him was Sussenbach in third with a time of 20:28. Tate Heineman was eighth with a time of 21:19. David Seaver was 15th with a time of 22:40. Right behind him in 16th was TJ Mattson with a time of 22:43. Dante Bramlin was 27th with a time of 25:02. Liam Bailey was 28th with a time of 26:36. In 35th with a time of 29:28 was Issac Rails. In 36th was Maddox Amos with a time of 29:38.

For the girls, in 18th was Dikken with a time of 25:56. In 19th was Ily Hardey with a time of 25:58. Amy Bezzant was 23rd with a time of 27:37. Sydney Wagner was 26th with a time of 28:37.

The next meet for the teams will be the Fronteir League meet at Leadville, Oct. 3.

 “Overall the boys and girls continued to improve,”Coach Demko said. “On the girls side, we were missing Hannah Grover, but seniors Amy Bezzant and Sydney Wagner stepped up for a third place finish. The one through four spread was 2.41. On the boys side, Jace Valentine and Tucker Sussenbach continue to lead the team, but three freshman, Tate Heineman, David Seaver and TJ Mattson continue to close the gap, reducing one through five spread to 2.19 despite missing Joe Melero.”

Demko continued, “The meet was scored with sorely based on the time of each teams’ third runner. Using that method the boys were second by four seconds. Using the traditional one-through-five scoring we actually would have won. The teams are now setting their sites on league next week (Satuday, Oct. 3) in Leadville.”

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