The Fitzsimmons Middle School football team faced Gilpin County Oct. 29 for their first home game as the Huskies. They won 26-6.

The Eagles scored first. It was set up on a 60-yard pass play from Connor Holloway to Aiden Zeilbeck. Drew Startkey scored from ten yards out. The Huskies scored late in the first quarter. Carter Hogsett scored from 70 yards out. The game was tied at six after the first quarter. Max Flores scored on a 60-yard run to make it 12-6 at halftime.

Flores scored again after half time, this time from 60 yards. The third quarter ended with the Huskies leading 18-6. Daniel Wilson scored on a 50-yard run. Issac Sonnenberg scored the two-point conversion to make the final 26-6.

 “Had some great moments on both offense and defense, but lacked consistency and discipline on our hard counts,” Head Coach Ladd Hansen said. “We have some work to do tomorrow, to get ready for Saturday (Oct. 31), but I know the team will come ready to play and I expect we will give them a good game.”

 “It was a good team victory and nice to win our first ever home game as Huskies,” Assistant Coach Jamie Trusa said. “However, we also realize there are a lot of things we need to do better if we expect to beat West Grand in the Candy Bowl. We decided to revamp the offensive line for this game, and put our bigger players up front. In certain instances it netted good results, whereas other times we felt the wrath of the lack of experience and chemistry that our original line brings to the table.”

The Candy Bowl

The Huskies played West Grand Mustangs in the Candy Bowl on Saturday, Oct. 31. The Mustangs won 30-14.

Each team scored in the first quarter. Wilson scored on a 50-yard run. The Mustangs led 8-6 after the first quarter. Again, it was Wilson on a 50-yard run. Flores scored the two-point conversion. The Mustangs led 16-14 at halftime. The Mustangs scored in the third and fourth quarters to make the final 30-14.

“I was very proud of our kids,” Eagles Assistant Coach Jamie Trusa said. “Huge improvement from the first time we got blown out by them and were held scoreless. We went into halftime only down 16-14. That couldn’t be that much closer of a game at that point. Then, a few mistakes and the game got away. They were physical and had more discipline, but our kids played to the level we expected in the first half, so we couldn’t be happier. I don’t believe we had any turnovers and we got one or two from them. Some of our tricks I had up my sleeve caught them off guard, like using a no play where nobody moves and the quarterback tries to hard count the defense to jump. Our defense struggled once again against the pass and a hard time containing the outside. A tackle or two and very few penalties we had cost us probably two scores. Trying this new line I decided to revamp in combination with getting my backfield to run downhill, and not dancing, and that was key to scoring. We had a good mix of rushing up the middle to keep the defense honest, so we could try to use our speed to get us to the outside on sweeps. We were missing one of our starters due to a broken wrist the night before, and then one took a helmet to the shin and was knocked out of the game in the third quarter and never returned.”

The Huskies ended the season 2-2.

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