Fitzsimmons Middle School football team hosted West Grand Tuesday Sept. 27.

The Huskies beat the Mustangs 48-8. The Huskies faced Gilpin County also at home, Thursday Sept. 29. They won 36-0.

                                             First quarter

Ty Cole scored the lone touchdown on a 36 yard run and scored the two point convversion.

                                              Second quarter

Cole scored both Huskies touchdowns in the second quarter. One was a 37 yard run and the other was a 27 yard pass from quarterback Seth Coffman

                                            Third quarter

Daniel Wilson returned the third quarter kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown and scored the two point conversion. Coffman had a 25 yard run for a touchdown and the Huskies led 36-0 after three quarters.

                                           Fourth quarter

 Cole scored his fourth touchdown of the day on a 77 yard pass interception. Wilson scored on a 50 yard touchdown.


Kenneth Rutt had one tackle and recovered a fumble. Leo Batzer, Ben Bezzant and Seth Coffman had two tackles apiece.  Coffman also had 38 yards rushing, 49 yards passing, threw two touchdown passes, threw a pass for two points and scored one touchdown. Colton Shirley and Jack Walsh had three tackles apiece.Wilson had 160 yards rushimg, scored two touchdowns and five tackles. Ryder Conwell and Quinn Tanner had nine tackles apiece. Conwell also recovered a fumble. Cole had four touchdowns, two two point conversions and 198 yards rushing. The Huskies had a total of 396 yards rushing and 49 yards passing.

                                              Gilpin County

                                                   First quarter

The Huskies scored with two minutes left in the first quarter. Wilson scored on a 20 yard run and added the two point conversion. The Huskies led eight to nothing after the first quarter.


Second quarter

Coffman scored on a 53 yard run with 5:58 left in the second quarter.. It wasa Wilson again from five yards out and the Huskies led 20-0 at halftime.

                                       Third quarter

Max Flores scored on a 45 yard run. Wilson scored the two poimt conversion with 5:38 left in the third quarter.

                                            Fourth quarter

Wilson scored from 60 yards, Coffman added the two point conversion. The Huskies won 36-0. The Huskies had 320 yards rushing.

Batzer had nine tackles. Tyler Tanner and had two tackles. Rutt had three tackles. Walsh had four tackles and a 15 yard kickoff return. Flores had 75 yards rushing, one touchdown and five tackles. Coffman had 75 yards rushing, one touchdown, one two point , conversion and one tackle. Cole had 38 yards rushing and three tackles.Tanner had 13 tackles. Wilson had three touchdowns, two two point conversions, ten tackles and one interception.

The Huskies had 320 yards rushing.

“The team played like a well-oiled machine, “Coach Ladd Hunter said.”Coach Newton and Tanner stepped up and made it happen in my absence. I am really proud of how the kids played. Next week will be our toughest challenge, Academy. I expect that our players will meet the challenge and play their hearts out.”.

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