Platte Canyon’s baseball team faced Bennett Tigers on Wednesday, May 26. The Tigers won 20-0. The Huskies had only three hits, two by freshman Greg Ormas and one by freshman Sam Patterson.

The Huskies had a busy week. Monday, June 7, they hosted Arrupe Jesuit. On Tuesday, June 8, they traveled to Lyons to face the Lions. On Thursday, June 10 they hosted DSST, and on Friday, June 11 they traveled to face Denver Christian.

Arrupe Jesuit

The Generals scored one in the top of the first. Greg Ormas had five strike-outs, but two Generals reached base on dropped third strikes.

The Huskies tied the game at one. Jacob Fitzwater was hit by a pitch. He went to second on a steal and to third on an error by the third baseman. Fitzwater scored on a double by Jack McMahen.

Ormas struck out two more in the top of the second. The Huskies scored three in the bottom of the second; it was started by a solo home run by Ormas. The Huskies led four to one after two innings.

There was  nothing for the Generals in the top of the third. The Husky bats went to work in the bottom of the third. McMahen doubled. Then Allen Hardey doubled and that was followed by a triple by Sam Patterson. The Huskies went on to score six runs and led 10-0 after three innings.

Ormas struck out the side in the top of the fourth. The Huskies added to their lead. Hardey walked and Sam Patterson was hit by a pitch. Ormas doubled, Hardey scored and Patterson went to third. Kolton Brown’s single scored Patterson and Ormas. The Huskies led 15-1 after four innings.

Fitzwater came in to pitch the top of the fifth. With two outs and a runner on first, Fitzwater struck out the last batter to end the game.

Darius Boyer and McMahen had two doubles apiece. Boyer scored twice, two RBIs and two steals. McMahen had one RBI, scored once and one steal. Hardey, Cash Durrant and Kolton Brown had a double apiece. Hardey scored two runs, one RBI, walked once and one steal. Durrant had two RBIs and  scored one run. Brown had three RBIs, scored two runs, walked once and two steals. Fitzwater had a single, one RBI, scored one run, was hit by a pitch, walked once and one steal. Patterson had a triple, one RBI, scored two runs. Ormas had a double, a solo home run, two RBIs and scored two runs. Cheston Rohman walked twice, scored two runs and two steals.

Lyons Lions

The Lions won 18-0. The Huskies had trouble getting their offense going against a tough Lyons pitcher.

Boyer, Ormas and McMahen had a single apiece. Fitzwater and Patterson had a double apiece. Hardey struck out five batters. Fitzwater struck out two batters.

DSST Montview

 Not only was it a win for the Huskies, eight-to-one over DSST Montview, it was the final home game for senior Darius Boyer and manager Seviah Egbert.

With Ormas on third and Hardey on second, McMahen singled and Ormas and Hardey went home.

With one out, the Grizzles got back-to-back singles. The runner on second tried to go to third on a steal. McMahen threw to Durrant, who tagged the runner out. Ormas struck out the last two batters to end the inning.

The Huskies bats went to work. They scored five more runs and led seven to nothing after two innings. Brown, Durrant, Ormas, Hardey, McMahen and Patterson had singles in the inning. Ormas struck out the side in the top of the third. The third was scoreless.

The Grizzles scored one in the top of the fourth. The Huskies led seven to one after four innings.

The Grizzles only had a walk in the fifth and Ormas struck out two more batters. Brown walked. Durrant singled and Brown went to third. A sacrifice bunt by Fitzwater scored Brown. The Huskies led eight to one after five innings and went on to win eight to one.

 Boyer and Patterson had a single and one RBI apiece. Brown had a single. Hardey had a single, walked once, scored two runs and two RBIs. Lucas walked twice and scored one run. Fitzwater had a double, scored one run, one RBI and two steals. Ormas had two hits, one RBI, scored two runs and four steals. Durrant had two hits, and scored two runs. McMahen had three hits, two RBIs and two steals.

Ormas struck out 12 batters.

Denver Christian

 The Huskies lost to Denver Christian 10-0. Ormas, McMahen, Patterson and Brown had hits for the Huskies. Hardey struck out six batters and Fitzwater struck out one.

The Huskies ended the season at 5-10.

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