I have been a resident of Park County for most of my life and I have spent the past 14+ years working for Park County Government because I am committed to Park County. I have spent the past 7 years having the privilege to work for Dave Wissel in the Park Assessor’s Office. In my time there I have learned more than I can share with you in 300 words but I want to share one of the most important things. This is a very demanding, difficult job and it requires knowledge. In this industry experience and training are invaluable. I cannot imagine having an Assessor that is not qualified to perform an appraisal; the thought is terrifying to me. It would cost the tax payers of Park County money to not have a qualified person take office as the Assessor. It takes years and countless hours of training and experience to get to a level where you are competent to do this job and Dave Wissel is the best out there. He is a Certified General Appraiser and he has the ability to appraise any property anywhere in the United States. Our entire office is full of competent, educated, experienced, and nationally recognized certification holders because we have had the opportunity to work for a qualified leader. In order to obtain a nationally-recognized level of certification you have to apprentice under someone who has the certification you are trying to obtain. Why would Park County want an Assessor that will have to apprentice under someone else to even get the lowest level of licensing available when we currently have an Assessor to do the job that is licensed to the highest level available and can provide that training to his staff?

Abby Carrington


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