Vote NO on 1A. Park County 1A increases taxes and takes away your right to vote on future mill levy increases. 1A guts the Gallagher Amendment and mandates a new floor for property taxes with the floor rising every year. The tax increase: 1A freezes the residential assessment ratio which otherwise regularly declines and partially offsets the rise in home value assessments. Over the last six years, the average residential property tax bill in Park County increased 40% including voter-approved mill levy increases; meanwhile the aggregate cost-of-living-allowance, COLA, for wages, or pensions or social security increased about 12%. That is, residential property taxes increased 3.3 times faster than income over the last six years with Gallagher fully functioning. This means the residential tax burden consumes a larger percentage of homeowner income every year, and your after-tax income is shrinking every year, even before 1A is approved. After 1A guts Gallagher, taxes will increase even faster because the floor keeps rising without your vote, and there is no mechanism for a decline in the floor. This is unsustainable for all and disastrous for seniors on fixed incomes. Voters solidly rejected county sales tax increases for 2% and again for ½% last year; now for 1A Commissioners set a ballot title beginning “Without raising taxes.” Don’t be misled. Vote no on 1A.

Gary Fisk


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