They leave. Good educators leave when they can’t make ends meet while working for the Park County RE 2 schools. Every employee of the district an educator, because every person who works in a school impacts the lives of children in some way. Sadly so many leave when their monthly insurance premium for their family is almost as much as their pay check. They leave even though they want to stay.

They see. Families pull their children from the district and choose to educate in some other way. They see instability, they see chaos, they see division. They see an opportunity to sell their homes to the highest bidder and move to more opportunity for their kids. Other schools have more programs.

They cut. The battles of sacrificed programs, staff, and materials happens every year. 2019/20 school year was the culmination of years of trying to make it work. The strike had a profound effect on this wonderful community. The war was fought, there were many casualties. In the end, the district is still suffering. Then covid hit.

We create. These educators have taken lemons and made lemon meringue, lemon chiffon, lemon rosemary salmon. The ability to adapt and make the best of a situation is what we’ve seen The district is unique and so is Colorado. The entire state and especially the rural areas is underfunded, it is imperative that the mill levy pass. Our community depends on it. Our children deserve it. I am a mom with two kids who attended Park County RE 2 and who now are college students. They were taught a solid work ethic during tumultuous times. I know how good this will be for the community, and the kids. Vote yes on the Mill Levy Over-ride. Futures depend on it!

Maureen Stewart



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