The Fairplay hiking group known as the Ramblers and Amblers completed the yearly trash pick-up along Hwy 9 from Fairplay to Alma and back Sept. 16. Seventeen hikers worked from a 9:30 a.m. start to a 12:30 p.m. finish. Workers included Dale, Janette, Mitch, Cindy, Skip, Pattye, Jeannie, Burt, Terri, Joanna, Flint, two Jims (one doctor and one lawyer), Debbie, Sharon, Mike, and Connie. We picked up cans, bottles, parts of tires, heavy metal broken parts of trucks, motorcycles, cars, boxes, large and small pieces of plastic, a lost wallet with $40 in it and five dirty dollar bills. All 17 hiker-workers wore masks at appropriate times and maintained wide social distances. Generally speaking, we worked hard and enjoyed the company of our friends. 

Mike and Connie

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