We are witnessing the downfall of America. What we are seeing in Portland, Ore. are the acts of a despot. Mr. Trump thinks he holds all power and authority to send military into a state to attack peaceful protests.

Although the governor and the mayor are now taking him to court, federal unidentified agents are still grabbing people from the streets and placing them in unidentified cars. We must wake up and realize that our country and our rights are being actively attacked. Can we not see the horrors of Hitler in these actions?

Now Mr. Trump is threatening to do the same in Chicago and other cities. These authoritarian actions must not be allowed in the United States of America.

Our civil liberties are being threatened. We must call upon our representatives to halt these actions. We are witnessing the downfall of our Constitution, our greatest protection throughout history.

As the famous byline of the Washington Post states, ”Democracy Dies in Darkness.” We cannot turn our heads and pretend we aren’t seeing the death of our Republic under the auspices of controlling riots. The gathering of citizens protesting the authoritarian actions of our police forces and military are our right.

We must not become immune to the violence and threats against these liberties. We have become desensitized to abhorrent events. Overexposure to atrocities creates a numbness of which we must become aware.

It is imperative that we remove Mr. Trump from office. He has befriended our enemies, alienated our allies, brought us to the brink of war and lied repeatedly to the people in order to get re-elected.

If we don’t wake up and demand the rule of law we will see more of our freedom destroyed and America will be another democratic republic that witnesses its own demise.

Patricia Turner


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