My Republican friend Tim Peterson wondered why both the Democratic and Independent Perspectives in this newspaper always talk about Republicans—not Democrats so much. I think we all know why—the Republicans are involved in some really crazy activities—not only do these antics make interesting reading, some actually present serious danger to the peaceful survival of our American democracy. So, of course both Perspective columns address Republican threats.

Some examples: on January 6th 2021 a mob of violent, disrespectful, dangerous Trump supporters attacked our US Capitol, causing millions of dollars in damage, the deaths of at least seven citizens, and the maiming of many officers attempting to protect the property and the lawmakers inside.

After rousing the crowd with a rally, then President Trump did nothing when many of his supporters marched on their destructive path. He watched for hours on his White House TV while windows and doors were smashed, legislators were threatened and evacuated, the seat of our government was desecrated with urine, feces, garbage and the Confederate battle flag.

The investigation into this travesty is extensive and ongoing—and necessary. The details are coming out and the involvement of appointed and elected Republican officials is startling and newsworthy. The attempt to overturn the 2020 election in favor of Trump extends beyond this Capitol insurrection—it was just “practice”.

Apparently, Republicans are thinking ahead to 2024, changing laws in Republican-held state legislatures to allow the decertification of legitimate election results by legislative fiat. This threat, Tim, is real; our Constitutional right to free and fair elections could be lost. We focus on this Republican-generated threat because it affects the rights of us all, Democrats and Independents too.

Meanwhile the Republicans are focusing on anything but January 6th. “Look over here look over here!”  Let’s take family planning rights away from women in Texas, let’s ban books in Virginia, let’s shame children from LGBT families in Florida, and let’s limit voting access in at least 19 states.

Now Republicans are honing in on our southern border, a situation that cries out for legislative action—but that can’t happen as long as the minority party can block every immigration bill via filibuster. It’s tough for the Democrats to get anything constructive accomplished when the opposition party refuses to compromise.

Once again, half this Perspective is dedicated to analysis of Republican news making. What’s happening with the Republican Party (or Republican Cult as it’s been called under Trump’s influence) is disheartening. The GOP was once a bastion of small government, now it’s morphed into intrusive government: what math books can your kids use?

What private decisions will the state make for women? How can your family unit be described in your second-grade class? Whose votes matter and whose votes aren’t wanted?

About the Democrats? It takes at least two functioning political parties to engage in the discourse necessary for lawmaking—solutions cannot be enacted without the laws to fund them. It’s easy to blame President Biden for things he cannot control. He really has no agency to deal with inflation, yet he has released fuel stores from our emergency reserves, he’s expedited activities at our ports in an effort to ease supply chain logjams, and taken other “Executive Actions”.

Many of the provisions of Biden’s Build Back Better bill were designed to ease inflation—but its passage was delayed by two Democratic senators. Parts of the BBB will pass piecemeal in the coming months, supply chain issues are continuing to resolve, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates—all these things will ease inflation, it takes time.

But first-year accomplishments of this new administration are well known: the major Covid relief package that funded a massive vaccination drive and saved millions of families and businesses from ruin; the Infrastructure Bill that is already delivering jobs and relief to American communities; the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years; a rise in wages across the country; a robust stock market (well, Biden can’t really control that!).  

And specifically, for us rural Coloradans, now Department of Agriculture officials are fanning out across the states helping localities access already available funds for rural projects. Biden’s programs direct funding to rural public schools, colleges and hospitals.; they expand broadband to rural communities; he supports rural families with a middle-class tax cut; and he pledges to advance racial economic equity in agricultural businesses.

As more of Biden’s BBB plan is enacted, our rural communities will feel the economic investment in our communities and neighbors.  All this Biden has done while leading with a steady hand, no crazy, no illegal shenanigans, and therefore not so much attention.

For additional information on the Biden administration’s accomplishments, please check out: I remember a year ago one of my Trump supporting friends sent me a whole list of Trump’s accomplishments while in office, reasoning he should be returned to the White House.

Lists of accomplishments don’t usually make the news, which is why you don’t read much of what Biden has already done in his first 14 months. But when the leader of one of the major parties attempts to overthrow the legitimately elected government by reinstalling himself, through illegal means, in the Presidency—now that’s news.

That threatens our trust in our institutions and our Constitutional democracy itself! This is why we are writing about the Republicans so much right now—the danger isn’t past, and we must hold those responsible accountable.

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