Well folks I am back after a month’s absence from submitting an input to the Independent Perspective. Back with the hope that something would have changed regarding the credibility of “republicans.” I put the word in quotes because as others have said, most of those who claim to be Republicans are more adequately described as Trumplicans meaning those who put loyalty to Trump above loyalty to our country or even to the credibility that the Republican Party used to stand for.

I am far from being alone in expressing the anguish that I have in writing the words above. On April 24th, the Denver Post contains several letters to the editor addressing concern about the future of the Republican Party written by Republicans. On April 17th, Dick Wadhams, former Colorado Republican state chairman, expressed his dismay with the GOP. Some of you will immediately ignore that because you detest the main line media. So, let us take a further look.

In order to see what the other media are saying, I periodically take a look at Fox News online. Not surprising, there are many articles criticizing the Biden administration. I have criticized Biden myself in my perspectives. It may surprise those “on the right”, that the Washington Post also has news and editorials criticizing the Biden Administration.

But back to the subject of the so-called 2020 election fraud. Four of the five candidates of the Republican Party nomination for the Pennsylvania US Senate election are siding with Trump on the 2020 election outcome. Fox News made the following comment on April 26th regarding the debate of the candidates: “All of the candidates except one defended former President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was rigged or stolen.”  This is from Fox News, not the Washington Post. Even Fox News uses the words “claims.” No where does one ever see the words “as supported by evidence.”

One of the candidates said, “we can not move beyond the 2020 election until we look under the hood.” GOOD GRIEF folks. More than 60 courts have thrown the cases out because of lack of evidence, there has been recount after recount, and still the Trumplicans say we won. Trumplicans would apparently rather have people standing out in the cold in long lines as happened in one Michigan election rather than do the honorable thing and admit that Trump lost.

Too many “republicans” wrap themselves in saying this or that or about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and law and order while totally ignoring any comments about the unconstitutional actions that Trump wanted VP Pence to do on January 6th.

But let us look at what the Republican Party claims about the GOP and deficit spending.  There are lots of places on the Internet to find data about deficit spending. I like “U.S. Budget Deficit by President” (www.thebalance.com). because it does seem to provide a balanced view on deficit spending. The four biggest deficits have been by Obama, Trump, George W. Bush and Reagan (we don’t know what the ultimate numbers will be for Biden). So, 3 of the 4 largest increases have come under Republican Presidents. Many factors influence the deficit including catastrophic events and policies from the preceding administration. Don’t forget that Obama inherited a recession from his predecessor, President Bush.

Regarding the GDP, the best average percentage of growth since WWII has been the Johnson and Clinton administrations (both Democrats).

Space precludes my saying all that I would like to say on deficit spending and on the GDP. I will focus at this time on the performance of the Reagan Administration. Reagan almost doubled the debt during his time in office. According to the article cited above, Reagan “increased government spending by 2.5% per year including a 35% increase in defense spending and an expansion of Medicare.” Interesting statistics.

My point is that it is foolish to think that by electing Republicans the economic problems such as inflation will be solved. The tax cut under the Trump administration added more than $1 trillion to the deficit.

In conclusion, I ask Independent voters and open-minded Republicans to stop supporting the continued lies of the Trumplicans and do not think that by voting Republican our economic woes will be easily solved. The Colorado Republican Party shows their lack of credibility by their continuing support of Tina Peters who is the Mesa County Clerk that has been indicted. Unfortunately, Republican writers in the press seem to ignore any of the huge threats to our democracy by continuing to support the lies of Trump and his unpatriotic legions that question nothing about what he says.

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