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This independent perspective is going to be somewhat different.  For this Independent Perspective. I will not ping on the Republican Party, nor will I criticize the Democratic Party.  Instead, I am going to try to identify several topics which are positive and on which I think that we can all agree.  I believe that these are all topics that all of us that live in Colorado can be happy about and support and feel good about

The other thing that is different about this perspective is that I have been joined by my better half namely my wife Margot of 51 years of marriage.  She has edited the submissions that I have provided to the Flume over the last couple of months.  However, the topics were solely mine, quite frankly not all of which she totally agreed with. I guess we are still somewhat compatible.

 First, we will mention the Constitution of the United States which is one of the greatest documents ever written.  We particularly want to point out the First Amendment – free speech and free press.  This allows all of us to express our opinions even when we strongly disagree and for The Flume to print these diverse opinions: Republican, Democrat and Independent.  Thank you Flume.

We are so fortunate that we can rejoice in the flag of the United States of America regardless of our divisions.   Whether we see it waving from a flagpole or painted on a building or hanging in front of a house, we think that we can all be proud of what this country is and what this flag stands for.

The next topic that we will mention is the physical grandeur of the state of Colorado. We are blessed with mountains and plains, cities and urban areas, rivers and lakes, incredible rock structures and flat desert mesas. What’s more we can certainly enjoy all of these regardless of who we are or where we live or what causes we espouse.

The beauty of nature is all around us. Can you picture a meadow full of mountain flowers, a full moon rising in the east, a beautiful sunset over the mountains, a thunderstorm breaking over us? We are awed by seeing the Milky Way on a clear mountain night, aspens in the fall, horses running in the meadows, a herd of elk crossing the road, a newborn calf nursing from his mother or a trout at the end of our line.

Never should we understate the beauty of humanity itself.  We are showered with blessings from young and old, male and female, all races, all creeds, all nations.

The rest of our list is hard to categorize under one topic. They are small but oh so good. How about seeing a young child eating an ice cream cone, a dog welcoming you home, the sound of a Harley or Porsche engine, family around a dining room table, a good book or the first responders who keep us safe?

Thanks for reading our list.  What is on your list?

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