Jim Wilson

Last column, the spotlight was on the Colorado Nurses Licensure Compact.

It was a pleasure to be a part of a positive process that went so well in both chambers.

This past week, the chambers were able to cooperate once again. With the organizational help of Susan Raplee (our house minority office director and former Canon City Marching band member), we were able to honor the band. The Tigers are the 2017 Colorado State Champion Marching Band.

Members of the Tiger Band filled both the House and Senate to be recognized on the floors of the two chambers.

Selected members of the band played the National Anthem for the legislators.  Sen. Grantham, Rep. Reyher and I congratulated the band members on their outstanding accomplishment.

It is always a pleasure to welcome talented young people to the Capitol.

Last week marked another special event in Denver, the National Western Jr. Livestock Sale.

Each year the Colorado State Legislature raises money to purchase a Colorado steer at the sale.

In the House, we issue two challenges,  1) which side of the aisle can raise the most dollars, 2) can the House raise more dollars than the Senate?

This year, the House Republicans “out-raised” the Democrats and the House took the title back from the Senate.

The result of the fund-raising was the purchase of Kayden Franklin’s Meeker Colorado steer for $9,500.

Just when it was shaping up to be a great week, reality struck again.  My Duty To Call 911 bill, HB 18-1059 (also known as “Eric’s Law”), began to catch flack even before making it to the House Judiciary Committee.

Critics are concerned about prosecution, overloading of 9-1-1 and even reviving a person who might not want to be resuscitated.

It never ceases to amaze me that we enthusiastically pass laws to protect animals, and yet we hesitate to protect fellow human beings.

To honor the concerns of all parties, I asked the Judiciary Chair to reschedule the bill while I attempt to reduce some of the fears of the opposition.

This bill continues to receive attention within HD 60, across the state, as well as nationally.  Stay tuned, as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

This week, committee meetings begin in earnest. My schedule will be more frantic this session as I inherited a third committee assignment.

The membership of Health, Insurance and Environment was expanded by two members and I was one of the two.

This assignment is in addition to my membership on the House Education Committee (Ranking Member) and the Local Government Committee.

The additional committee, plus sponsoring multiple pieces of legislation, will make an interesting session, to say the least.

The second session of the 71st General Assembly is off and running full throttle.  If you have questions about bills or committee hearings, please feel free to call my office in the Capitol at 303-866-2747 or send me an e-mail at wilsonforhd60@gmail.com or james.wilson.house@state.co.us. Yours for HD 60, Representative Jim Wilson

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