As a full-time resident of Warm Springs Ranch, I was fully aware of the fire mitigation activity that would take place ADJACENT to the development ON Forest Service land. When the project was delayed last year, with funding directed elsewhere, I was concerned that an active fire season would put our home and those of our neighbors at risk.

The homeowners voicing concern about the project did not start doing so until the operation moved from the Brown’s Pass area to the area closer to their homes. Some of the folks concerned are part-time residents. When (not if) the forest burns they are not likely the ones who will rush home to evacuate. They will not lose items that represent years of memories made, they won’t worry about their dogs perishing in the fire, or a loved one with mobility issues getting out of the home in time. I was told by a resident that “we have insurance, we will rebuild.” I invite you to ask the survivors of the Marshall fire how arduous that process is. We will be competing for the same resources. To clarify, the Marshall Fire was a grass fire with different behavior (and incredible winds) than a forest fire. 

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