It amazes me how often President Trump gets blamed for things that are well outside his span of control. I know he vocalizes a lot of opinions, but our constitution and federal laws limit his authority in many areas, even if he doesn’t like it. The USPS is the latest example. It has been dying a slow death for several years as first class mail is replaced by emails and text messages, and bill payments are now done online instead of being mailed with a 50 cent stamp. The drop in their revenue has been huge, so cost-cutting measures have been implemented to try to stay solvent. During the Obama administration, 12,000 blue collection boxes were removed to lessen labor costs and no one said a word. The new Postmaster General is continuing that trend, and all of a sudden it is an attack on voting rights just because we happen to have a pandemic in a presidential election year. As I’ve mentioned before, many states do not have the resources and procedures in place that Colorado does - thanks to our previous Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Some states actually allow a voter to apply for an absentee ballot the day prior to the election. How realistic is that? And now it is Trump’s attack on voting rights?

Now with the current pandemic, an agency that had taken prudent measures such as reducing the labor force in response to lower volume is suddenly responsible for delivering a multitude of packages to the door because no one is shopping in retail stores. I talk frequently to the lady that delivers in Burland Ranchettes and the load that is in and on top of her vehicle is just phenomenal. It takes time to load all that before leaving the post office, and then additional time to deliver all that to the homes. This has led to increases in overtime and delays in all classes of mail being delivered. Hiring and training new workers doesn’t happen overnight.

Let’s look at what’s happened to the Democratic ticket in the last couple of weeks. It’s no surprise that Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. He made it clear early on that it would probably be a black woman, which I have no problem with. But what are her qualifications? It is very surprising that the media is portraying her as a moderate or centrist. The New York Times labeled her a “pragmatic moderate” and the Washington Post called her a “small-c conservative.”

In actuality, Kamala Harris has one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate. During her own presidential campaign earlier this year, Harris made it clear she supports the Green New Deal. This would eliminate hundreds of jobs in energy-producing states like Colorado and raise the basic cost of electricity considerably to support installation of thousands of solar power plants, which in the end only produce electricity when the sun is shining. I happen to have a solar system on my house and I can tell you production has dropped 20% with the smoke we have had the last two weeks. We will still need our existing power infrastructure, or manufacture of large battery pools, which are dirty to produce and dirty to dispose of at their end of life.

Senator Harris is also on record as supporting Medicare-for-all. This will require a significant tax increase on the middle class, which she is quite comfortable with. She also supports Beto O’Rourke’s plan for a mandatory buyback of assault weapons. She has said if Congress doesn’t pass legislation within the first 100 days, she would take executive action. Of course, as the vice president she can only encourage Biden to move on this, but it is just the first step down a path of depriving citizens of their second amendment rights. A rental truck in Oklahoma City killed far more people than an assault rifle. Should we ban rental trucks and fertilizer?

She also wants to decriminalize border crossings. This leads to criminals who have been previously deported returning to do more harm. It also leads to a increasing larger load on social welfare programs, as we have seen in her home state of California. That, of course, leads to another tax increase for working middle-class legal citizens. This doesn’t sound much like a “moderate” candidate to me. Be sure you’re gathering facts from multiple sources when you do your reading and don’t just pick quick headlines. Look at her record during her tenure in the government positions she has held in California. 

Be aware that Joe Biden will be the oldest elected president if he wins, and the chances of her assuming a  greater role in the White House, or even taking his position, is pretty significant. Is this the way America should be going?

Let’s get back to an era of smaller government, fewer government handouts and associated taxes, and greater freedoms for businesses to hire labor and great a greater economy. That’s the Republican perspective.

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