Let me start with something positive.  Did everyone enjoy as much as I did the pictures in the front page of the Flume on July 23rd?  I am referring to the picture of the little girl at the Park County Fair and the picture of three generations of mares.  Pictures like that make me smile and realize that we still live in a wonderful world.   

Hmmm – that reminds me of the song Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.  I still believe that it is a wonderful world which is led by the wonderful United States of America.

I will now comment on some of the topics that are part of the mantra of true Republicans and contrast it with what trumplicans are saying.

First, true Republicans want to be known for law and order and that they support the police. In fact, trumplicans do not support law and order. Trump expected VP Pence to do things on January 6th that are clearly outside the Constitution.  Mr. Pence had no authority to reject the votes submitted by the states. Obviously trumplicans do not fully support the police. In the investigation of the Jan. 6 riot incited by Trump, the officers who testified expressed disgust at the attempt by many Republicans to downplay the severity of the attack.

During opening comments in the committee to investigate the January 6th riot, the following comment was made by Police Officer Michael Fanone, who suffered a heart attack and concussion from being beaten and hit by a stun gun by rioters: “I feel like I went to hell and back to protect them, and too many in this room are now telling me that hell doesn’t exist, or hell actually wasn’t that bad,” said D.C.  Officer Fanone.  While furiously slamming his fist on the witness table he stated: “The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful.”  Good grief trumplicans open your eyes and be honest about what happened on Jan. 6.  I echo Officer Fanone’s disgust and anger at anyone that continues to treat the Jan. 6 riot as something minor.  My disgust encompasses Congressman McCarthy who was too busy to even give these brave officers any respect by viewing the hearings.   It is McCarthy and his fellow cowardly trumplicans that are making the hearing a political sham – the videos do not lie – a riot occurred.

Second, true Republicans as well most other Americans believe in the Constitution.  Clearly trumplicans do not. Trump and his allies continue to say to this day that he is the true President.  How can any rational person continue to believe his BS.  Republicans should be very proud of Representative Cheney who stands up for the Constitution – look at her voting record which is the record of a true conservative Republican.

Third, true Republicans believe in a small federal government. To trumplicans this seems to mean very small, namely one person who wants to control all three parts of the US Government – Executive, both parts of Congress and the Judiciary.  There is so much hypocrisy in Trump and his allies. President Obama could not nominate anyone to the Supreme Court because there was only a year left in his presidency, but President Trump could nominate someone to the Supreme Court with only a few months left in his Presidency.  Senator McConnell speaks out of both sides of his mouth regarding independence from the Presidency – he wants to show Senate independence of the Presidency now but certainly not when there was a Republican President.  Anyone Republican that speaks outside what Trump dictates is a RINO according to Trump.

Fourth, Republicans and most others in this country respect the U.S. flag.  It isn’t just trumplicans that respect the flag.  The Republican Perspective comment that shows pride in Trump and U.S. flags together on the back of a pickup truck makes little logical sense. The implication is that only Trump fans love the flag – this is something that I resent. Look at the video of trumplicans using the U.S. flag to break into the capitol and even attack police.  I proudly fly the flag and I certainly am not a Trump fan.

As I have said before, I do not like some of the proposed legislation of the current administration, but I will vote against any Republican that continues to support Trump who is a liar, a cheater, an egotistical maniac and is a poor loser.  Not admitting defeat is not the American way.  Conservative columnist George Will, The Wall Street Journal and other conservative papers, Rupert Murdoch (big financial supporter to conservatives) all say that the election is over and that you Trump lost.  Their words may not be as strong as mine - but the message is the same - stop the BS Mr. Trump. True conservatives such as those just mentioned will support the election results which reflect the will of the people.

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