Over the past month, The Flume has printed two great opinions about getting rid of President Trump. No facts but a lot of emotion and a crystal ball to see the future. With the possibility of allowing facts to get in the way, one should review the facts and the Biden agenda and decide why to dump Trump. 

Remember when the average unemployment rate was 8.14% or “the new normal?” Trump is 3.5% - terrible. With Trump, Stock Market record highs were set nearly every month. Lots of Americans may not have actual accounts, but their employers, grocers, churches, colleges, pensions, neighbors, etc do. Can’t have that. 

With Biden keeping our citizenry unemployed, is important way to control their attitudes.  Keeping them locked up in their homes, allowing only visits to Stuffmart, marijuana and liquor stores keeps us docile.  We need the L.A.C.A (Less than Affordable Care Act). Rioting in the streets under a BLM banner is a bonus. If we can flood our cities with unwarranted immigration, it will further stretch limited resources of cities, counties and States. We can continue to demand more federal money. After all, that money is free and doesn’t cost us anything. 

Simply, President Trump’s record of transparency, successful governance, and improving the lives of more Americans than any time in our history gives us more than adequate reasons to dump Trump. We need to get back to the time when we could count on the dark days of yore. Less than four years ago, we could count on the low bar of the “new normal.” Let’s get back to the promise of embracing socialism, China, a nuclear Iran, higher taxes, industry shutdowns, higher unemployment, weak military, no police, more diverse criminals and disarming us.

We do not need prosperity, safety and freedom, it isn’t normal.

Greg Trouth


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