Now that we’ve finished a turbulent 2021, let’s look forward to 2022. I will certainly agree that all presidents have used the Executive Order to conduct some business when time constraints or other circumstances called for it, but our current president set a new record on his first day in office.

Despite the fact that some of these are being challenged in the courts, and at least one already overturned (Remain In Mexico reinstated by courts), the progressive members of the Democratic Party are pushing Biden to resort to using this maneuver to pass major portions of the Build Back Better bill that they couldn’t get passed by their own party members.

Let me remind you that we fought a revolutionary war for independence in order to restrict the right of government to act in this manner. The constitution gives specific responsibilities to each branch of government and we do not want the executive branch overstepping its authority and assuming the role of the legislative branch.

If they can’t get enough votes to pass a spending bill, perhaps they need to look at the bill itself instead of passing the bill to someone who doesn’t hold that authority.

Do we really want a bigger government taking over more aspects of our lives? We have seen that with all the mandates in 2021 presented as “emergency” declarations. This is exactly how totalitarian states begin. I’m not saying COVID isn’t serious, but I am saying government growth is dangerous.

Limited governments have been a success story and have led to this nation being a world leader in a relatively short time historically. Capitalism, not socialism, is the tool that creates a society where freedom, opportunity, and prosperity thrive.

As President Reagan said, “The best welfare program is a job.” This is what restores dignity to people. Even MLK Jr. did not advocate for rewriting history and denying American exceptionalism. He recognized that the principles of individual liberty and equal opportunity (not equal outcome) were the keys to a better America for everyone, including minorities.

It was interesting to hear Vice-President Harris announce that the biggest threat to our nation in the near future is the influence of foreign governments on our democracy. It has already been proven that the Trump-Russian Collusion story was a hoax. However, Biden’s family and the Democratic Party have never cleared up the questions about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China and how much Vice-President Biden was involved in.

After the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, many of the European leaders went on record to say that President Biden’s withdrawal showed an extreme lack of understanding of international politics and a lack of commitment to NATO and its policies. What can we expect from an administration whose second-in-command is fearful of foreign influence and whose commander-in-chief is doubted by our principal allies?

There are a few interesting policies under scrutiny by the courts in the coming year. The Supreme Court has a case involving the right of religious schools to participate in funding provided by states to secular private schools. If the goal of the funding is to provide educational opportunities to families who are not satisfied with their local public choice, then why should the family’s choice be limited?

We should look at the educational outcomes in critical subjects like math and science rather than exclude a good institution just because a small part of the day is spent on religious topics. As has been well-publicized, this court is also going to look at state laws that are limiting abortions to the first few weeks of a pregnancy.

They will undoubtedly end up with election law challenges on their docket as well. Keep in mind this is at a time when the progressive Democrats are pushing to pack the court with appointees that adhere to their beliefs rather than allow a system that has stood for over 200 years to play out.

Remember, the constitution does not include the phrase “separation of church and state.” It says the state cannot “sponsor” a specific religion such as happens in some European countries. It can certainly acknowledge that religions exist and are part of our lives.

Voting rights is another area that will be center stage. As Biden and the Democrats lose popularity, they will be looking elsewhere to get votes.

I don’t understand the issue with legislating voter ID before submitting a ballot. An ID is required for many other activities in our society. Keep in mind many cities now allow non-citizens to vote on local races and issues. How far does this go?

Let me conclude by reminding our high school seniors that the Park County Republicans have long had a scholarship program for graduates looking to continue their education. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

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