Recently, I stopped by one of the prominent businesses, which I will not name, in Fairplay to pick up supplies. I had just come from Lake City where every other car was from Texas, the closest state with a rash of recent covid-19 outbreaks. Undoubtedly, a percentage of those folks were carrying covid to us in Colorado.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, but no one in this store in Fairplay was wearing a mask – none of the employees, and the only customer with a mask (other than me) had it uselessly around her throat. I do not often turn to Senator Marco Rubio for wisdom, but in this case, he had it exactly right – “Everyone should just wear a damn mask.” Because if we all don’t, the virus will come for you even in the end. I doubt I will be shopping in that particular establishment again.

Brad Klafehn


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