Re: President Trump inspired me – a local opinion of July 17th

Ms. Peterson, your impressions of President Trump and our country are unrecognizable to me. 

Where you see economic collapse I see wonderfully great strides made in our economy since President Trump took office. I too have pondered today versus the Obama era and I’m pleased with the changes.

 A stock market that gave me back all of the 401K losses I experienced under President Obama, record low unemployment rates, higher wages, increased small business startups, a healthy economy with jobs coming back to the USA, prison reform and support for law enforcement officers among them.   All countries have had their people and economic health badly hurt by the Coronavirus. Where you see President Trump responsible for the Coronavirus, I see China, where it originated. You see President Trump responsible for the actions taken by 50 different states, I see each state being responsible for themselves and their responses. 

In conclusion, we are all fortunate to live in great country where all views should be allowed to be voiced. 

Kathy Smith


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