I sent the following email to everyone in my contacts list. If you feel as I do that our American way of life is threatened by the current presidential administration, then we all must communicate any way we can, we must protect our voting process, and we must elect Joe Biden to take over during these dangerous times.

Hi friends, relatives, associates, and others:

I realize this is possibly not an appropriate use of an email contacts list, but I am sending this appeal to everyone on my email contacts list—desperate times call for desperate means. Please read my appeal to the end and take action if you can.

I truly believe we must remove President Trump from office this November.  There are many reasons, but his poor response to our pandemic crisis rises to the top of the list. His leadership (or lack thereof) is proving dangerous to our citizens and to our democracy.

My appeal is not based in politics—it’s not about conservative, liberal, progressive or any of these “ives.” I am asking for your help in November because I believe four more years of Trump’s administration will destroy what we know is our exceptional American experiment. We have given Trump almost four years at the helm, and he has not delivered.  A tax cut, some conservative judges. But meanwhile he has gutted our government agencies of many of our most talented public servants, and, consequently, his administration is failing to deliver the most basic social supports our country needs right now.  And the planet is warming. We don’t have another four years to waste on Trump’s incompetent and self-serving rule.

Please vote for Joe Biden in November. Not your mother, or Mickey Mouse, or Kanye West. Vote for Biden. The only way we can remove Trump is with his resounding defeat. Anything close will be questioned and devalued. Unless Trump loses by a significant margin, he may not leave office and a Constitutional crisis will ensue.

If you live in Colorado, you have the extreme privilege of voting by mail. Most other states offer absentee voting by mail. Please request and return your ballot early, at a drop box if possible, or in the mail. Remember, the USPO is facing financial challenges right now. Our federal elections are administered at the state level, which prevents any interference from national incumbents. But if the President underfunds the U.S. Postal Service during a pandemic when we should all be voting by mail, thus slowing ballot delivery—then maybe he is interfering with a free and fair election. Vote early and try to use a drop box.

If you are under 35 and in good health, consider serving as an Election Judge or Poll Worker. Most election officials in the past have been older, and therefore at more risk from COVID-19.  Many communities had to close polling stations during primary elections this year because they could not find enough poll workers—this caused huge, unsafe lines and probably disenfranchisement. Contact your county clerk or your secretary of state and offer to work the election in November—these are paid positions. Volunteer now so officials can plan to keep more polling stations open.

And if you are concerned for our country as I am, please pass this message on to everyone on your contacts list, Facebook community, etc. We can come together in November and vote for sane, competent leadership.

We must.

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