The District Attorney’s race for Judicial District 11 these past few weeks has proven that facts and actions speak louder than opinions and endorsements. 

The current Administration of District Attorney Kaitlin Turner implemented a plea bargain resolution on the Conner McCain case. In September news broke that McCain received four years of probation after admitting he had a sexual relation with a 13-year-old girl. Turner’s message to pedophiles and stalkers is if you are arrested, you can go back into the community and serve probation and possibly re-offend. 

Sept. 8 Tracer report on Mrs. Turner’s campaign shows most of the contributions were from outside of JD-11 with a large part coming from the Denver area. 

JD-11 Assistant District Attorney Ashley McCuaig suddenly departed the Turner Administration this September. Ashley handled a major portion of the prosecutions. His departure will push Turner’s administration to resolve criminal cases utilizing plea bargaining and reductions of charges. 

In contrast, JD-11 Republican district attorney candidate Linda Stanley offers JD-11 voters a background of criminal justice experience. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a masters in public administration, a law degree and she knows how to establish and run a district attorney’s office. Linda was a police officer for three years. She was a prosecutor for eight years and a criminal justice instructor. 

Linda Stanley has the experience and energy to be the warrior prosecutor that Fremont, Park, Custer and Chaffee counties deserve. I’m voting for Linda Stanley. 

John Clements 

Canon City, Colo.

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