Dear Editor,

During this holiday season my wife wanted to do something special for Christmas, and that was to go and see the lights in Estes Park as her Christmas gift. We did just that, and we did not have to have a passport or a COVID free pass to enjoy this. We were also shocked by the town of Lyons as well, just unbelievable of what we saw.

I was disappointed in Bailey, the sign not lit and only a few places to see. Our town could have done more. We also had gone down to Palmer Lake to see the World’s Largest Star.

This place means a lot to me and my wife, and my great-uncle and my grandfather and my dad, too. When my dad was only nine years old, my great uncle designed the star and the town was lit up more as well.

My point is about the lights. These are small towns and they went all-out. I know our county is in a turmoil because of the so-called COVID, but that doesn’t mean we have to shut our doors and do nothing. This is only once a year.

We also journeyed down to Denver’s Civic Center. You can’t even get in front of it, it is all blocked off. A tent city has taken over Civic Center Park, it looks like Mad Max. We are destroying our country and we are letting it happen.

We need to bring the good things back again, please don’t be a Humbug. We can work this out together. And all the new people moving from out of state to our area, don’t ruin Bailey. Our town was here before you came into it and did nothing. It will be here long before and after.

Merry Christmas,

Robert Dalton


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