Dear Editor,

Re: Letter to Dennis Lennox and all other “Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote:”

Since reading your brief missive in The Flume of Sept. 25, I have been going over your opinion with a mental fine-toothed comb. I can’t think of one good reason to follow your advice.  So you believe that we rural voters don’t have a reason to vote? Are you that dense? Don’t you know that the Electoral College ensures that our votes count.  It’s the popular vote that gives us our irresponsible House of Representatives in Washington. The House of Representatives that wastes our tax dollars picking fights with our president and behaving like spoiled brats who will destroy the country if they don’t get their way in all matters political. Just think about it, all that money wasted could have been used to provide something positive for the good of this country.  I think we should have a State of Colorado Electoral College so we rural voters would have a say in who represents us there. If you had learned your civic lessons in middle school you would know that cities always carry the popular vote because people crowded all together like sheep begin to evolve into “sheeple,” who will docilely follow orders without complaining. 

Nope, I will definitely vote “No” on Proposition 113. Remember that although Clinton won the popular vote in Colorado, she did not become our president because we as a country did not want her.

It might be wise to go back and read up on the Constitution and other Founding Documents and remind yourself of how our Democratic Republic is meant to work before wasting your vote as an uneducated voter would.  The Heritage Foundation offers a free eBook: Destroying the Electoral College: The Anti-Federalist National Popular Vote Scheme. 

Mandy Gardner


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