Mr. Soros has financed the DA election in many of the democratic (chaos) controlled cities. Ms. Turner was appointed by our democratic Governor. Was there outside support for that appointment? Is the DA you see and support now the same one you will see once she doesn’t have to worry about election? Ms. Turner got her license in 2007 and was employed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons from 2012-2019. Where was she the other five years? I heard she was an ACLU attorney. Is this who we want? However, Ms. Turner might be a dedicated DA doing a good job, but she’s still a Democrat. 

On the other hand, we have Linda Stanley who received a censure from the State Bar Association. Did they take her license? No. What is a censure? Compare it to an employee learning a new job who “blows it.” That means a negative note in their file. I understand that this was a civil case, one of two she took while venturing in to private practice. She did not try to hide this fact and admitted that this was not her normal field of expertise. This is the only blot on an 11-year career, eight as prosecutor and three as a hearing officer. Who of us has not made a major error of judgment during our professional careers? The choice is yours. Me, I cannot vote for a party that kills babies. 

Shirley Bonnar 

Canon City, Colo.

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