Hypocrisy is one of those terms that implies a negative personality trait. Being a politician and a hypocrite is often one in the same. Hypocrisy is the pretense of virtue, contrary to their real character. Lots of words are related: fraud, deception, dishonesty, lie, duplicity etc. The hypocrisy of the Left suggests they suffer from this definition but more so the lack of values or a code of behavior. Certainly, we see hypocrisy from all sides but since the Democrats are the elected ones, their hypocrisy is the most insidious and “Do as I say, not as I do” fits.  

Regarding Climate Change. For decades, the left has declared “only 12 more years left” (A.O.C.) without Divine intervention or changing human behavior we’ll die.  During 2020, we’re told of existential crisis-today! For 12 years, Pres Obama warned us yet he lives on an island- is he worried about oceans rising? How about Biden supporting China’s coal-fired power plants? Our Democrat Perspectives colleague must have been truly embarrassed when the Climate Czar Kerry private jetted to Obama’s birthday party. Are they worried? All are heroes in the Democrat party-all hypocrites.

Socialism? Democrats continuously assure us they don’t advocate Socialism.  Biden deliberately extended the Rent Moratorium knowing that SCOTUS had already struck down the legality. Illegally taking money from one and award to another. Biden’s proposed tax policies will confiscate wealth from family’s assets through a “wealth tax”. It will affect every wealth class in America- including yours. This leaders’ plans are Socialism.

Racism in 2020 reared its ugly head as 1000’s rioted in our cities streets. In the name of racial equity for the oppressed, looting and destruction was not only allowed but encouraged by the likes of Candidate Harris. Offenders were released without prejudice but allows the Jan. 6 offenders to languish in solitary confinement without a day in court. That hypocrite is now our VP.

Crime is rampant through many cities, primarily in blue cities that declared they were defunding the police. This effort, hailed by the Progressive Left, has  backfired, as cities beg for more funding and looking for someone else to blame. The loudest proponents of the effort is Cori Bush (D-MO) who on one hand wants no police presence but defends her private security force as she is just “too important”. It’s reported that the US House has over 100 Representatives with this Progressive platform. Fully one quarter of the House are all hypocrites and involuntarily encourages personal gun purchases.

The MeTooMovement took hold during the Kavanagh hearings. As a Republican appointee, he was fair game for the hypocritical Left and false witnesses. As the Cuomo harassment drama unfolded, the loudest amongst the Left was mostly silent. Cuomo didn’t resign due to what he was accused of, he resigned as he used up all his value to the Democrat party and was abandoned. When Tarre Reade accused Candidate Biden of sexual assault, she was vilified and called a liar before any investigation. The hypocrites of the Left and their Media cronies swept her under the rug that continued thru this summer.

Our Energy policy is in the hands of hypocrite President Biden. He crippled our ability to generate oil and gas resources, gave Russia and OPEC the upper hand and then begs OPEC to increase production while planning to sell our Strategic Oil Reserves to make up the supply difference to lower gasoline prices.

Here, the Colorado Secretary of State Griswold (D) is making plans to change voting integrity through an emergency declaration to deny outside verification of the Dominion voting machines, reduce custody validation of voting logs and voting machines, reduce ability for Counties to challenge voting results and reduce ability for judges and poll watchers to challenge signatures. That was in her forum Aug 2. A week later she is accusing Mesa County Clerk (R) of not being able to verify the chain of custody for the voting machine. Thereby misplacing “trust in our democracy”. What a hypocrite.  Our own Rep Joe Nuguse (D-CO) ,most remembered for naming Post Offices, wrote he was grateful on his back-at-home tour that he visited his district of Summit, Larimer, Gilpin ,Boulder and Clear Creek Counties. Missing was a trip to Park County.  Anyone think he was missed? It is hypocritical to think he represents us.

Being a hypocrite is a personal personality flaw. To say all D’s are hypocrites would be wrong. It is not wrong to say that all D’s and I’s should not tolerate it. We as Republicans and Conservatives do not tolerate it but as we know, the Dems have the political power- for now. John Wayne is quoted: “A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by”. For too many Democrat opinion leaders, the code is to just fool’em.

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