Dear Editor:

I have recently had extensive interactions with Monica Jones, Park County Assessor, prompted by a mailing I needed to do and mailing addresses were missing from the site.  I called Monica.  Driven by frustration, I began the conversation with something like “Your new website is terrible!” which did nothing to start our relationship out amicably.  However, after bringing this to her attention, it was corrected within days.

I use the site for property owner mailing addresses  and for location and topography of properties.  I have spent much time communicating with Monica and her responses were timely, my questions answered and errors on the site were immediately addressed by fixing them or advising how to get them fixed.  When verifying mailing information, the physical address may say “Road,” but the mailing address says “Drive.” There are a number of streets in Bailey that have the same name, but are differentiated by Road, Drive, etc., like Fawn Road in Burland and Fawn Drive in Friendship Ranch, hence the problem.  It is up to the property owner to advise the Assessor of corrections or changes, and I suggest that all property owners verify their information and correct it, if necessary.

To change or correct a mailing address, go to and under Departments, click Assessor. Click on Search Property Data.  Fill in one of the fields (owner name, property address, legal or parcel number).  Hit “Search”.  A dropdown may appear with properties that meet your criteria.  Pick yours.  Go to Change of Address at the top of the page, fill in your address and date of change and hit Submit.  Other changes can be accomplished by sending an email to Monica from the Assessor’s site under Contact Us.

The Assessor doesn’t know what information is beneficial to residents unless asked for it.  I thank Monica for her timely responses and her sincere desire to give residents the information they would like to have.


Carrie Marsh


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