On October 2 women around the country will march once again for the right to choose what they do with her own bodies.

Join Park County Democrats in Fairplay at the gazebo in front of the old library at 10 am.

The GOP, which has embraced the anti-abortion movement, finally got what they wished for in Texas. It is hypocritical for Republicans to be opposed to government regulation but support regulating a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. The reasoning is obvious: they need the support of the Evangelical movement to win elections.

Abortions are being banned before assault rifles. It isn’t about the sanctity of life, it’s about control and power. The law which bans almost all abortions in Texas delegates enforcement to private citizens.

The Supreme Court recently voted not to block this law from taking effect. S.B.8 makes it illegal for a woman to get an abortion after six weeks. Abortion providers in Texas say that 85-90% of abortions occur after that date. Why? Because unless a woman is actively trying; she usually doesn’t even know she’s pregnant by six weeks.

There are no exceptions for rape and incest; a woman in Texas is now forced to carry a fetus to term after suffering sexual assault.  Women who have the means can travel out of State, but low-income minority women will not have the same option.

The new law gives monetary incentives to private citizens to sue anyone who aids or provides advice to a woman seeking an abortion. This would include the abortion provider, a friend, or even an Uber driver. If the accuser is successful they would be entitled to up to $10,000 plus legal fees. This deputizes vigilantes who, thanks to another recent law in Texas don’t even need a gun permit to carry a firearm.

Republicans who object to wearing a mask on the grounds that it infringes on their personal freedom have no problem infringing on a woman’s right to choose whether to bear a child, a decision that dictates her entire life. The hypocrisy is stunning.

A sect of Buddhist monks sweep the ground before them to avoid stepping on and killing any insects. This is their choice, but does anybody think there should be a law forcing their ethical beliefs on everyone? That a minority of monks could require everyone to sweep the ground as they walk? People are entitled to their own beliefs but no one is entitled to inflict them on anyone else. If you’re anti-abortion that’s fine, don’t get an abortion.

The anti-choice movement calls itself pro-life but that’s a misnomer. It only focuses on the fetus inside the uterus. Once it’s born it’s up to the mother and child to fend for themselves. Republicans consider any financial support after birth “socialism”.

If you want to be pro-life, protect the planet.Hundreds of Earth’s species have disappeared in the last few decades, hundreds more will be extinct within 20 years, and climate change is causing thousands of human deaths each year.

Protect life by creating sensible gun regulations so our kids don’t get murdered in schools at a higher rate than our soldiers. Protect women by providing healthcare and family planning services, maternity leave, and quality early childhood support services.

Offer healthcare for all so people don’t have to die from being poor. Protect our water, so it doesn’t kill our children and sicken our population.

Abortion rates in Colorado continue to decline because access to birth control is easy and convenient. Pharmacists have filled thousands of prescriptions for the birth control pill since 2017.

State and federal dollars are funding free and low-cost IUDs for low-income women and teens. The so-called morning-after pill has been available over the counter since 2013. Nationwide, the number and rate of abortions have declined to the lowest levels since abortion became legal in 1973.

This doesn’t stop anti-abortion groups from introducing new restrictive ballot initiatives almost every election cycle.

When I was in my twenties I got an abortion. I am not ashamed and I feel no regret. I was in no position to raise a child and I am grateful that I had the option to determine my own future. If this had not been available, I could have easily ended up seeking government support to raise a child.

The majority of Americans support keeping abortion legal. If you believe that America’s mantra of freedom extends to a woman’s right to control her body. Don’t let Republicans turn the clock back 50 years. Let’s continue to move this country towards equality and reproductive freedom for all women, no matter which state they live in.

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