Park County has mailed out General Election ballots, and some of you are already voting. Before you decide who will direct our country’s affairs for the next four years, please pause ... and consider:

Many of you voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and perhaps you plan to give him four more years at the helm of our country. Please don’t. Donald Trump has shown us he is not a good human and should not be the leader of the free world. With his extreme nationalism, he has squandered the power of that world leadership role, and other nations no longer look to America for support and guidance. And why is that?

A partial listing: President Trump has alienated allies, embraced authoritarian strong men in Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and pulled out of treaties. He’s losing a trade war with China, encouraged rogue behavior by North Korea’s Kim, attempted to use Congressionally authorized aid to bribe Ukraine’s new leader, and plans to pull us out of the World Health Organization in the midst of a pandemic.

President Trump’s policies have hurt American farmers, disrupted manufacturing supply chains, created an unnecessary humanitarian crisis at our southern border, rewarded his wealthy supporters with large tax breaks while exploding our national debt. Our children’s children will be liable for this extravagant generosity to those who need it least.

Trump brags about his economic successes, while actually he’s been riding the coattails of the recovery initiated by the previous administration. And now that still fragile recovery has tanked because he failed to lead an effective, coherent pandemic response. Our president can’t even set aside his vanity and model responsible mask wearing (even after contracting the virus!) for his fellow citizens. Covid deaths would drop 49% if 95% of Americans would just wear masks when they step out. Instead Trump chooses to sow division, politicizing the pandemic and relief to suffering citizens, politicizing peaceful protest for social justice, politicizing health care, politicizing the use of federal troops on American soil, even suggesting he’ll refuse to abide by the results of our free and fair election this November.

Donald Trump is dangerous. He does not represent valid conservative principles, his reprehensible behavior on the world stage has damaged American leadership abroad, and four more years of his unfocused, self-serving rule could severely damage our democracy.

Please vote in the best interest of all Americans; please vote responsibly, for a steady, proven leader, Joe Biden. There are plenty of other conservative choices on the ballot - Donald Trump is not a responsible conservative choice. Only an overwhelming defeat at the polls can remove this failed incumbent.

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