Dear Editor,

If you haven’t visited the Resale Boutique in Bailey, then you’re missing out on shopping at the cutest, friendliest shop around. Platte Canyon Community Partnership (PCCP) is a non-profit run totally by volunteers. Their purpose is to promote community partnerships through financial contributions primarily through sales at the shop. In the four years they’ve been welcoming people into their shop, PCCP has given out more than $65,000 in grants.

This past November, Friends of Mt. Evans and Lost Creek Wilderness (FOMELC) was the lucky recipient of one of these grants. In exchange for volunteer hours in the Boutique by members of our organization, we were given $3,200. This money will greatly help support our group in maintaining the miles of trails in these two wild spaces, buying nature-safe chemicals to eradicate several invasive species of weeds and educating both young and old in the ways they can leave no trace while enjoying the wilderness.

Like the Boutique, members of FOMELC are all volunteers whose primary goal is preserving our wilderness for future generations. If you enjoy a weekend hike or overnight camping trip, please join us in thanking PCCP for their generosity.

If you’re interested in joining our organization or finding out more about us, please visit our website at We’re always looking for people who don’t mind a little hard work while enjoying the beauty of our mountains.

Aldo Leopold, a renowned ecologist of the early 1900s, once wrote, “I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness.” Please join us as we work to make sure this does not happen.

Freinds of Mt. Evans and Lost Creek Wilderness


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