Thankfully, the Infrastructure and Socialism Tax and Spend bills (my renamed version: “Buy Voters Back Better”) are on hold and being revised downward. As the Left tried to pile on more and more, maybe they will learn that a more beneficial approach is to work with the system and not covertly under the table.

   Taxing the rich and corporations to a net zero cost just isn’t true and is just puffery (lies) to fool Americans into supporting a bad deal. Contrary to the contrived charges that Conservatives don’t care, we do have America’s founding values in our hearts and want what is best for America. The Liberal Left, creating a permanent underclass- dependent on Government handouts, crippling business opportunities, vengeful and predatory taxation, promoting illegal behavior and stomping on our Constitutional rights, is not a way forward for America. Through the actions of the Democrat led Legislature (State and Federal) and the top Administration (State and Federal), they are suffering staggering losses in confidence and approval by even their supporters. They are misreading the room.

 The Biden Administration has been in office a short 260+/- days and is scoring an embarrassing 38% overall (Quinnipiac poll) approval rating. While it’s been easy to point out the failures, not much has been said by our Democrat Perspective colleagues to point out any successful advancements of the Biden agenda nor his “promises made, promises kept”. They certainly have kept some promises but none could be termed “successful”. With failure after failure, it is no wonder the Dems are silent. That said, we appreciated the Democrat Perspective (10/1) finally pointing out the long list of the Administrations’ failures. This writer (and 62% of Americans) agree with their view and that our situation is heading for the cliff edge. However, the Democrat Perspective believes that none of it is Pres Biden’s fault and that makes it less problematic. That is both disingenuous and based on wishful interpretations of the facts. It is a serious problem without regard to fault. It is clear.  The Biden Presidency is toast. Nobody needs to defend or apologize for him so he gets re-elected; we need to minimize and repair the damage. That is precisely what our Republican caucus is working to do -- stop the madness! In a defensive move, the D’s are pointing to a Biden Agenda. That way, as it fails, they don’t have to own any part of it. They are now saying, he isn’t throwing enough support behind it. Again, shifting the blame going into the 2022 election to save themselves.

Coming Nov. 2, Park County and Colorado will have the opportunity to weigh in and vote on a number of issues. It is normal that voter participation is considered low in “off year” elections. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that information regarding the issues is not covered as well by the media? As we have seen with the Biden fiasco, the California recall and even in Germany, elections matter! In Colorado, we can now vote 100% via a reasonably secure mail in ballot system. As we have seen in recent months, the Secretary of State Jen Griswold (D) is attempting to change that for future elections by restricting accountability and stewardship aspects in the voting process. According to our experienced and responsible County Clerk and Recorder Deb Green (R), our system can be counted on as it stands now.

By now, registered Colorado voters will have received the “Blue Book” of State ballot and the Park County Notice of Election issues. Please take the time to review the two books. The ballot issues are sometimes written in more technical terms but the arguments for and against is more plainly written. Personally, this writer makes notes on the pages and “pre-votes” on each issue. It is helpful when going back to review and consider one’s position. When your ballot arrives, it is too easy to mark it and mail it -- DONE!  Our informed decisions are of critical importance in guiding the path of our lives. If we don’t involve ourselves, even at some minimal level, we leave it up to the ideologues (Washington/Denver) telling us what is good for us. That is the point this writer was making in the paragraphs above.  Not voting used to be easy out for those who leaned back and said “it doesn’t matter”. It does matter as not voting gives your voice to those in power to control your life. How’s that been working out this year?

In the Flume (Sept 24 issue) Editor Kirkpatrick succinctly reviewed the two public school financial issues and the sales tax issue to benefit the Park County Sheriff’s Office. In the Oct 10 issue, the two school ballot issues regarding RE1 (“Bailey” side) and RE2 (“Fairplay” side) were again discussed. Thanks.

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