I am a parent, local business owner, and full-time resident in Fairplay. I volunteer at my son’s school, my husband is on the South Park Rec District board, and we have coached many kids in local youth sports. We are full participants and fully invested in this town and love raising our family here. When we moved to Fairplay in 2015, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this community. The people and friends we have made here are invaluable. So much of that has come from the Park County School District Re-2, which I believe is truly the heart of our community.

I support the Mill Levy Override Ballot Measure 4B, because I love this school and all of the people and educators behind it. However, I know that it can be even better! Our district needs the proper funding that it deserves, to give our kids every educational opportunity possible. I believe we need expanded educational and extracurricular programming, as well as advanced placement classes, arts classes, and the athletics programs that we love. Additionally, I want to make sure that we have and KEEP the very best educators to care for, teach, and help mold the next generation of South Park kids to become the very best they can be.

I truly believe that a strong school creates a strong community. I know our community can and will become even stronger if we give our schools the support they deserve. Locally funding our district through the proposed Mill Levy Override is the best way to do all of this. Please join me in VOTING YES ON 4B in November so that we can make wonderful things happen for our kids and this community that we all call home.

Erin Pellant


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