Dear Editor:

In response to Tim Peterson’s “Republican Perspective: Biden’s executive orders,” appearing in the Feb. 5, edition, the only conclusion I can make is, of course, it’s a Republican’s perspective.

The thing is, though, what exactly is a Republican these days? Or, indeed, what semblance of the GOP exists any more? (That term, GOP—Grand or Gallant Old Party—first arrived on the national scene in the 1870s. It became the party’s hallmark, signaling that it was they, the Republicans, who had gallantly fended off insurrection by Confederate states.)

Interestingly, following another attempted insurrection on Jan. 6, 147 elected Republicans in the House and Senate voted to deny confirmation of the Electoral College results, disrupting a Constitutional exercise in the peaceful transition of power. Grand or Gallant Old Party? Nah, not anymore.

Since I’m restricted to 300 words, let me comment on just one of Mr. Peterson’s points: the 2011 imbroglio in Wisconsin. To compare the Wisconsin event with the storming of the US Capitol on Jan. 6 is at least disingenuous. You’ll recall the background of the Wisconsin event was precipitated by Governor Scott Walker’s intent to obliterate public employee collective bargaining. A massive number of protesters responded to that, surrounding and occupying the Wisconsin Capitol. The protests were overwhelmingly peaceful, but not without some tense moments. No one was killed. Very little damage was done to the Wisconsin Capitol.

Five souls lost their lives on Jan. 6. The malicious damage done to our U.S. Capitol is estimated to be over $8 million. And, of course, the Wisconsin crowd was not intent on sedition.

So, yes, what is a Republican these days? If the behavior of most Republicans on the national scene is any indication, well … Forgive me if I see no grandness or gallantry there.

George Seaton


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