I am one of the new “young” teachers in our school district, and I love our school community. I am writing to ask our county community to support our schools, our teachers, and our staff on the upcoming Mill Levy Initiative on the November ballot. As a whole, our school district values deep relationships with students and families more than any other school system I’ve ever worked in. We work to provide education and educational supports to our students, and we also coordinate resources for mental health, physical health, housing, and extra food for families in need. Our schools are community schools in all but name, going far beyond the mere service of guiding young minds in the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. I support the Mill Levy because it will not only allow our district to keep the teachers and staff who already have strong relationships with our students, but it will also allow the district to staff and develop a vocational tech program that was built into the new school building 10 years ago but never funded. This program will help train our students, our young community members, in trades that are desperately needed in our local economy. We are all connected in this district, and we all benefit from strong schools, whether or not it is our children who are attending.

Delia Rollow


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