I spent over 40 years in the military. Back in the 70s and 80s we had a common expression in the service. “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” I don’t think that attitude exists in our government any longer.

We have seen assaults on our second amendment rights for several years now. With this recent pandemic, we now are seeing attacks on our first amendment rights. Don’t think this will never happen in Park County. Things are happening at the federal level that should scare all of us.

Over the past year, we have seen many examples of Big Tech censorship and much of it is supported and even encouraged by the Biden administration. It began with Facebook and Twitter blocking posts that disagreed with what Dr. Fauci and other government experts were saying about COVID-19. It was determined that these “unscientific” viewpoints were hazardous to our society as they would encourage people to avoid the vaccine and disregard masks. I, personally, don’t care which side you are on for either one of those topics, but I do care that some corporation can dictate what I post, and now it turns out it wasn’t just those corporate giants.

In the last few weeks, it has become apparent the Biden White House is behind much of this stonewalling. There are email records between Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Dr. Fauci assuring the good doctor that users would only see the approved National Institute of Health guidance. The administration has admitted to monitoring private citizen’s Facebook pages to watch for posts that were harmful to its efforts. They claim these posts deviate from the “settled science” on COVID. Need I remind you that each week Dr. Fauci was changing his position on social distancing, mask wearing indoors or out, efficacy of vaccines, etc? At first they wanted all children out of our classrooms. Now they are saying children are not at major risk, but this is after basically losing an entire year of education. Several other early “scientific facts” changed multiple times over the last year.

Here is the next step that is already in the planning stages. The Biden administration feels this effort has been so successful they want to expand it to cover private speech. Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are planning to engage fact-checkers and work with SMS carriers (private text messages to and from you) to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media. Understand that in order to do this, they must read EVERY message that is sent and received. Did you ever read the book 1984? It might be 40 years later, but this is the route we are headed down.

If it was just COVID, maybe I wouldn’t be so worried (although I still wouldn’t like it). However, this is just one social issue. If the government can censor us for our debate on COVID, then what is to stop them from censoring us regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT)? After that, what stops them from monitoring private conversations regarding gun control, or religious liberty, or military strength? Where does this end if we allow them to do this for the first issue? Many Americans have been deprived of the right to debate government policy in the last year. Debate is one of the biggest safeguards to our democracy. We must stand up and protect this right now, whether we agree with what is being said or not.

In my travels, I have seen many pickups and motorcycles with American flags in the back along with a Trump flag or sticker. I have never seen a vehicle flying an American flag along with a Biden flag or sticker. That tells me something about who is proud to be Americans. I just read this past weekend an article about a rally in Virginia where a PTA president spoke and said anyone who is anti-CRT should die. Many of those in the audience clapped, including a Democratic county chairman. At a nearby Republican rally, a young Marine approached a Republican candidate for Attorney General and asked “How do you as a country recruit young men and women to be willing to serve and possibly die for the country if they’re told from the early stage that somehow their country is inherently broken, evil, and racist and can’t be redeemed?” How, indeed? But perhaps that is the goal of those espousing CRT, to disband this country as irredeemable.

Elections are coming in a little over a year. Do your research and support those candidates who respect your constitutional rights. Republicans believe in lower taxes, less government intrusion, more personal freedom and choice.

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