Dear Editor Kirkpatrick.

I couldn’t get the sneaky Republican Perspective of 9-3-21 out of my mind.  Mr. Peterson uses the false logic of proximity equals causality. He says something negative about the Biden administration and immediately has a long list of negatives related to the cost of things in his life. He wants his readers to connect the latter to actions of the former.  However, he makes no connection because there is none.  Furthermore, he acts as if he has never experienced inflation before. Even a casual study of economics reveals the causes of inflation, most of which a President has little to do with.  The GOP has long supported the rights of the free market.  One of the most basic of those is the right of a business to set its own prices.  Would Mr. Peterson feel better about inflation if the government were to set price controls? He ends his piece urging individual responsibility. Since the Supreme Court determined that corporations are individuals with right of free speech, they are also individuals to set their own prices, which IS a cause of inflation.

Thank you.

Janis Pixler-Lindsey


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