To me  our problem isn’t that the wrong people are voting. The real problem is that many voters vote poorly.  Myself included, I’m  not pointing fingers. Many of us can’t be bothered to know the issues, or to do the math to see what the consequences are in passing any legislation.  When do we ever say to our politicians PROVE IT? We just let them  make ridiculous claims and we don’t demand evidence.  Many voters will vote one party to one branch and the other party to  the other branch of government , then expect bi-partisanship. Yet they’re surprised when they get  gridlock.

Some voters have decided  all of government is entirely corrupt, they’re all liars and evil  monsters. They believe that democracy might not be all that great.  How convenient for them . They’re so fervent in their belief that no amount of evidence or facts can convince them. Yet they will fall victim to every insane conspiracy spread by some people who make a very nice living spreading those lies.

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