After thrice going for the Democrat presidential nominee, the Centennial State is totally irrelevant in this year’s presidential election. 

Despite this reality, the local GOP is doing an impressive job. I conveyed that message at the recent Republican Party meeting in Fairplay. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to speak to Chairman Tim Peterson, Sheriff Tom McGraw and other activists and leaders. 

The only way for high country conservatives to become politically relevant again is a “yes” vote on Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 

Despite the lies and distortions by opponents, Proposition 113 does not abolish the Electoral College. It is not what Fauxcahontas, Crazy Bernie and A.O.C. push. 

This constitutionally conservative and constitutionally consistent reform merely replaces Colorado’s state-based, winner-take-all method of awarding its electoral votes — a method James Madison, who wrote the U.S. Constitution, opposed — by ensuring the presidential candidate who gets the most votes wins. Don’t take my word for it. Newt Gingrich endorsed the compact. Even President Donald J. Trump says he supports a popular vote. 

Proposition 113 creates an incentive for Republicans to turn out each and every conservative in the High Country. Similarly, conservatives in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Kansas and Oklahoma would have a reason to vote. Right now, all of these voters are ignored. 

This explains why Trump has said he supports a popular vote. Trump knows it’s easier for him — and other Republicans — to win if the vast swath of “red” America had a reason to vote. 

Conservatives need to stop and think. A “yes” vote on Proposition 113 makes Park County, and by extension, Colorado relevant again. 

Dennis Lennox is campaign manager of Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote. https://www.conservativesforyesonnationalpopularvote. com/.

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