While watching the Republican and Democratic conventions, I found the contrasts stunning.  

Vice President Biden and his associates left us with hope and understanding. They presented concrete plans to help our country get back on its feet. 

Meanwhile President Trump left us with hate and fear as usual. It is beyond my comprehension that so many people still support a man who has lied to us repeatedly and left us unprotected during extremely difficult times.  

Let’s just start with a rundown of what our country has experienced during the time Donald Trump has been in office. Rather than opinions, these are actual facts.

Russian interference in our elections


A plethora of cabinet and campaign members indicted, removed or resigned 

He supported the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville 

His tax bill slashed corporate tax rates by 14%, an action that only assisted the richest people in our country.

President Trump’s response to a pandemic was to tell the states it was their problem and to repeatedly state that the deadly virus would magically disappear.

When the Covid-19 relief package was passed he fired our Inspectors General whose job was oversite for those funds.  Much evidence shows that millions of these dollars have been passed to businesses belonging to his family and top supporters while families struggle to feed their children.

Now he is preventing the Director of National Intelligence from briefing Congress and the Senate on campaign security

Is trying to destroy the USPS so people can’t vote by mail

The GOP wants to cut payroll taxes. This is not income tax it is what supports both disability and social security which working citizens payed for all their lives. If this happens, our retirements will disappear

He has refused to share his tax returns. Not a single other President has stonewalled this way.

He nearly caused a war in the Middle East by ordering the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani.

He abandoned our allies in Ukraine, allowing Russia to attack them

He has done nothing to address Russian bribes to target American troops 

Opposition to his leadership inside the GOP has grown rapidly, including Colin Powell, Bolton, Kasich, Romney, Spencer, Mattis, Fiorina and more.

He has tried to pass more than 100 bills that would damage the environment and the NDRC took him to court and won 90 of the cases.  He wanted to drill on public lands and allow dangerous chemicals to return to our water supplies. He also appointed Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, to be in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.

He sent our military to attack peaceful protesters in our own country; the actions of a despot

Fact checking of his speeches proves he is a pathological liar

I could make this list go on for pages but cannot believe that my fellow citizens still can possibly support this man.  His latest speeches continue to tout that the Democrats will destroy our way of life. People, Donald Trump is destroying our Democracy and our rule of law, which is exactly what Russia told us during the cold war. “We will destroy you from within.”  Please start researching the facts of this dangerous President. Have you ever seen our country in worse shape in your lifetime as it has been during these last four years?  He is dividing us like no other President in history. We are one, and we must protect our Constitution and each other.  

Please join us www.ParkDems.org.  

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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