Dear Community Member:

As we begin to think about the holidays approaching, we start thinking about gifts, family and festive plans. Each year for many years the Community has come together to help those in need during the holiday season. 2020 has been quite a year. Park County Cares, a 501(c)(3) charity will be putting up Christmas trees and “wish ornaments” in prominent places in Bailey. About 100 families will benefit from community donations of the wishes on the trees, and cash donations for gift cards will help seniors and families with purchases of gas and food.

This drive is not just about the gifts, but also about the hope and fulfillment of wishes for the coming year brought about by the sense of community among our Park County families.

Volunteers will help with collection and distribution of the gifts that are donated from the Christmas wish trees and the cash or gift card donations. This program requires planning, preparation and dedication on the part of volunteers, staff members from the referring agencies, Park County Cares and all of you.

After the donations are collected, they are distributed the week before Christmas, unwrapped but with donated wrapping paper, gift cards and miscellaneous items for each family.

Please consider making a cash donation at this time to help make this winter and holiday season memorable for our families. Make your check payable to Park County Cares, P.O. Box 113, Pine, CO 80470 (it is tax deductible) or take an ornament off a tree which you can find at many places around our community starting around Thanksgiving. Please take an ornament or two and fulfill the wish on it and then return the gift with paper and bows to one of the businesses where there is a tree.

Questions? Call Deb, 303-838-7491.

Thank you in advance,

Deb Elsner

Park County Cares

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