Willard “Lucky” Ray Luckinbill

Willard “Lucky” Ray Luckinbill died peacefully in his home on March 27, 2022 at the age of 83. Lucky is survived by his daughter and grandchildren. He was a true cowboy who would help anyone in need.

He was kind, compassionate, patriotic and tough. He was part of a generation of men who embodied resiliency during hard times and always provided for his family. Lucky loved the mountains and refused to live anywhere else.

He and his family lived in Bailey for 50 years and he also was in the area as a child. He had a lot of knowledge and loved to talk about the history of the area. Lucky was an Army veteran who served for 8 years and was a mechanic and truck driver by trade.

Lucky could build anything from nothing and missed doing these things most at the end of his life. Lucky always found a way to accept what life brought and was a dignified man through it all. He would come to the aid of neighbors and friends whenever asked and was never a man to complain.

He will be greatly missed.

Lucky requested no services.