The Bugle Bar on Crow Hill will open sometime close to the holidays, according to John Martin who owns the business with his wife Emily.  He said they want the Bugle Bar to be a family friendly tavern and restaurant.

The Park County commissioners approved a tavern liquor license on Sept. 21 for the Bugle Bar which will be located at 1 Delwood Drive, next to the Bailey Depot Feed store.

The property was a gasoline station called Beth’s Market for many years before being used as a restaurant with the gasoline pumps still in place.  It has set vacant for a few years.

The Martins plan to build a patio and expand the parking area now that the pumps have been removed.

State law requires a canvas of the neighborhood within one mile of a proposed liquor license to document if the residents and businesses desire a new business that serves or sells alcohol or if that need is met already in the neighborhood.

Park County Clerk and Recorder Debra Green processes liquor applications per state law.  She said the Martins sent a letter to residents and businesses in the neighborhood instead of a door to door canvas to determine the desires of the neighborhood.

The letter requested feedback on what the neighborhood wanted and didn’t want.

Commissioner Amy Mitchell said she was pleased to see the percentage of those in favor versus those against the liquor license.

No one at the meeting stated how many comment letters were sent, how many were returned, how many in favor and how many were opposed to serving alcohol at the location or what other comments were received.

Commissioner Ray Douglas said it was the type of small business that the commissioners like to see.  He asked if they’d be able to serve the food suggested in the comments.

Martin said they were planning on offering appetizers and burgers.

Jail overtime pay

The commissioners approved a resolution authorizing double time pay for patrol or detention deputies that work overtime at the jail.  

The temporary emergency double time pay is limited to 15 hours per pay period from Sept 4 to Dec. 4.

Commissioner Dick Elsner said the jail is understaffed. He did not say how many detention deputies were still needed.

Douglas said one new detention deputy will be starting that same week.

Using patrol deputies as well as detention deputies to help cover shifts at the jail allows them to make a little more money and keeps the jail staffed 24/7, Elsner said.

He said the deputies have been doing a good job so far and the county hasn’t lost any patrol deputies for not wanting to work overtime in the jail.

This is the second period for the overtime. The first resolution authorized double pay from June 28 to Sept. 4.

Mitchell said the double pay was a way to reward deputies for being team players.


Vouchers paid Sept 14 and Sept. 21 were approved for payment. Totals for the two weeks were combined for each fund and rounded by The Flume.

Total vouchers for the two weeks were $293,630. The general fund spent $144,185 and the sales tax trust spent $53,640.

Public works spent $46,940 and human services spent $23,590.

Fleet services spent $22,120 and the E-911 authority fund spent $2,415.

The grant fund spent $530 and the conservation trust fund spent $270.

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