The total number of students on the Fitzsimmons Middle School Honor Roll for first quarter was 101 out of 219 pupils.

Forty-six percent of our sixth, seventh and eight grade students were on the Honor Roll.

The criteria for academic performance at FMS consists of the following elements:

Academic Achievement Awards are based on student academic performance in each and every subject. Our academic standard assessments are based on high standards and expectations set by the school and the state outlining what each student should know in each subject.

Gold – 94 percent to 100 percent (only one B).

Silver – 90 percent to 93.99 percent (As and Bs only).

Bronze – 82 percent to 89.99 percent (only one C)

Sixth grade – Gold Academic Achievement Award

Stella Kaulbach, Kyle Norris, Madylin Conwell, Jackson Kosar, Emily Barrow, Johnathan Berry and Bryson Flederbach.

Sixth grade – Silver Academic Achievement Award

Ian Twaddell, Angelique Francci, Isabela Klyse, Cassidy Bertsch, Cricket Webb, Shelby Hatz, Tait Mattson, Samantha Wagner and Kaedee McAllister.

Sixth grade – Bronze Academic Achievement Award

Emily Miles, Alexia Valentine, Cameron Sadowski, Danielle Clementson, Aiden Ramsey, Chloe Hock, Allison Lineberry, Tiergan Christensen, Cash Durrant, Aubreigh Gemmer, Dean McMahen, Mary Moen, Alexandria Kitterman

Seventh grade – Gold Academic Achievement Award

Madisenne McAllister, Sophie Trisler, Laura Nothstine, Kyrie MacArthur, Isabel Garcia, Tess Lozensky, Catherine Truong, Kassie Prewitt, Hannah Hogsett, Dominik Winkler and Karly Bella Hirsch.

Seventh grade – Silver Academic Achievement Award

Elijah Dimon-Ainscough, Darien Kesler, Heather Patterson, Shane Seger, Chloe Melero, Andrew Hannigan, Hannah Allred, Sawyer Gneiser and Christopher Fick.

Seventh grade – Bronze Academic Achievement Award

Max Poppelreiter, Madison Ellis, Karli Laabs, Kyla Reinoehl, Grant Kirklin, Molly Kacprowicz, Kolton Brown, Keegan Dambrosky, Joshua Eckholt, Owen Gomes, Leath Daley, Isabella Slocum, Jackson Nieland, Jared Bohne and Ian Davis.

Eight grade – Gold Academic Achievement Award

Danielle McKinney, Samantha Norris, Elizabeth McKinney, Haylee Dieterich, Illectra Dixon, Tucker Sussenbach, Richard Batzer, Chyann Kelly, Isabella Miles, Hannah Grover, Gabrielle Fuentes and Nyah Jordan and Benjamin Hatz.

Eight grade – Silver Academic Achievement Award

Liam Healey, Brynn Anderson, Delaney Hartman, Alex Mammoser, Morgan Smith, Leigha Richards-Orcutt, Jaelyn Bruyneel and Cheyenne Prieto.

Eight grade - Bronze Academic Achievement Award

Alejandra Oliver, Jack Bedortha, Alexandria Armstrong, Paul DeStefano, Gavin Geiger, Elise Nylund, Veronica VanBeek, Archer McPeek, Angelique Beck, Ilese Kitterman, Chantz Mattson, Coix Gemmer, Evan Grafner, Liam Reily and Ashley Gray.

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