Knotty Pine named business of the month

Owner Barbara Pilcher stands behind the bar in the Knotty Pine in Bailey. The was an actual bar in the past, but it is now a general store and a favorite stop to purchase soda shop-styled ice cream. Pilcher and her family have owned the store since 1970. (Photo by Bill Bruner/The Flume)

One of the staples of downtown Bailey, the Knotty Pine, was named business of the month by the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce.

The business has been family-owned since 1970. Barbara Pilcher has owned the business that her family started since 1993.

According to Pilcher, the Knotty Pine was built in the early 1940s.

In the beginning the business was known as a gathering place and served the community with family dining.

Then Lee and Freda Crabbs bought the Knotty Pine and it became known as a burly saloon.

The saloon was eventually forced by the justice of the peace to not sell liquor anymore. This lead to the closing of the business.

When the Knotty Pine reopened, it became a variety store with a snack and ice cream bar.

It also served as the unofficial chamber of commerce and an information center for the Bailey area.

The store has changed little since it became the variety store.

The Knotty Pine still has lots of different types of merchandise and is a great place to find Bailey imprinted clothing.

“We have become a gathering place for the community, and I appreciate the community support over the years,” Pilcher said.

Still one of the favorite places in Bailey to get ice cream, Pilcher actually helps the community by giving some away.

“We give the kids ice cream for the summer reading program; if the kids meet their reading goal, they earn ice cream,” Pilcher said.

“We also give the middle school kids a chance to earn Pride points and earn ice cream, and finally we give ice cream away for the church for their vacation bible school,” Pilcher added.

“What I want people to know about the Knotty Pine is it is a great place to come and meet people and have coffee, ice cream and sandwiches. Everything is made to go, so if you are in a hurry you can take it with you,” Pilcher concluded.

The Knotty Pine is located at 60641 U.S. Highway 285 in Bailey. They are open in the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) seven days a week 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

In the winter they are open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. but they closed Wednesdays. You can reach Barbara at 303-838-5679.

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