The Park County Sheriff’s Office responded to seven Accident/Motor Vehicle calls, 33 animal control calls, one ATV/Dirtbikes on County Road calls, five Illegal Campfire calls, five Motor Assist calls, 11 REDDI Report/Reckless Driver calls, seven Shots Fired calls, 83 traffic stops and three welfare check and 333 Misc Other calls. The total calls amounted to 488 with the following arrests:

Lea Jo Allen from Bailey was arrested Sept. 29 on charges of harassment-strike/shove/kick; domestic violence enhancer. She was released on a personal recognizance bond Sept. 30.

Tod Higley from Fairplay was arrested Oct. 2 on charges of driving under the influence with one prior alcohol; driving under the influence per se-0.20+; driving after revocation prohibited; careless driving. He was released Oct. 2.

Eric Todd from Colorado Springs was arrested Sept. 30 on charges of child abuse-negligence-no injury; telephone-obstruct service; third degree assault; harassment. He was released on a cash bond Oct. 1.

Jeff Allen Tucker from Bailey was arrested Oct. 3 on charges of contempt of court. He is still in custody.

James Scott Warren from Pueblo was arrested Oct. 2 on charges of possession a controlled substance more than 225g and contains a schedule I or schedule II; theft-$5,000-$20,000; weaving-lane usage violation. He also is being held on a warrant out of Morgan County for failure to comply. He is still in custody.

Jana Marlo Warren from Pueblo was arrested Oct. 2 on charges of controlled substance+possession chem/sply-schedule1 or 2/225g +. She is still in custody.

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