Huge buses, trucks, tents, television cameras and a celebrity chef crowded the streets of Fairplay last week.

The hustle and bustle was due to the makeover that Millonzi’s restaurant won from the Restaurant: Impossible television show which is part of the Food Network channel.

The Hand Hotel was full to capacity at least one night and several restaurants had customers associated with the filming lined up early in the morning.

Spectators watched the comings and goings as Milllonzi’s restaurant was transformed into a makeshift film studio, complete with caution tapes, a small tent city, generators and people looking important with clipboards. Some gawkers watched while sipping gin and juice from the Snitching Lady Distillery, while others watched from the Park Bar and the Silver Scoop Creamery.

In addition to a menu makeover led by celebrity Chef Robert Irvine, the makeover also includes some facility renovation. The challenge is to update the restaurant in two days with a budget of $10,000.

A paint crew from the All American Painting Company was observed carrying paint equipment in and out of the building. In addition there were hard-hatted workers with full tool belts who passed freely in and out of the caution tape delineated “studio.”

Guests were invited to participate in the televised grand re-opening dinner Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. Those that got accepted were sworn to secrecy by signing a non-disclosure agreement and cannot talk about the event until the episode airs on the Food Network. It is unclear whether the diners had to cross their hearts and pinky swear.

More about Restaurant: Impossible

The Restaurant: Impossible chef and crew travels to struggling restaurants around the country with the goal of helping them turn their restaurant around with a new menu and renovation.

The Flume was unable to discuss the upcoming television show and renovation with Tim Millonizi, owner of Millonzi’s, due to the Food Network’s non-disclosure agreement.

Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, Restaurant Impossible: Revisited and Restaurant: Impossible: Back in Business television shows can all be viewed on the Food Network channel. 

“New shows air at 9 p.m. EST on Thursday nights on Food Network, and past episodes can be seen on demand and on the Food Network app,” said Jill Littman, executive producer of the Restaurant: Impossible show.

“This program began in 2011 and has assisted approximately 200 restaurants so far,” Littman added.

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